Saturday, June 15, 2024

Centre for Heart Diseases

The Center for Heart Diseases at the University Hospital in Wroclaw – a leading center integrating the work of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, offering a full profile of cardiovascular therapy for adults around the clock.

An ambitious team led by Professor Piotr Ponikowski diagnoses, treats, conducts pre- and post-graduate education (also international) and implements innovative scientific research and clinical programs. The Center is composed of experienced specialists from various sub-specialties of cardiology and cardiac surgery who establish in consortium optimal methods of treatment of individual patients. The center employs outstanding experts with the greatest experience in highly specialized invasive procedures, treatments and surgeries, who are also among the most cited scientists in Poland and worldwide. Nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists also work in the center together with doctors and develop their skills. Among the employees of the Center are authors of international guidelines for management of heart diseases (e.g. heart failure) and other expert documents recommended by the European Society of Cardiology. The center collaborates with specialists from the best academic centers around the world. The Center provides 24-hour “shock team” readiness for patients with cardiogenic shock. Patients have access to an extensive portfolio of ongoing Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials. The Center is distinguished for its scientific and clinical achievements in novel diagnostics and treatment of heart failure, including acute heart failure, advanced heart failure and various forms of cardiomyopathy. A breakthrough for the Center is the approval received in February 2021 from the Ministry of Health to implement a heart transplantation program.