Wednesday, July 24, 2024

University Hospital in Wroclaw

The University Hospital (UH) in Wroclaw is one of the largest multi-specialty hospitals in Poland. It has nearly 1,700 beds, consists of 39 clinics and employs nearly five thousand people.

A leader in the macroregion offering full specialist care for all patients – from premature babies to the elderly. The hospital offers unique medical procedures, e.g. endoscopic surgery in newborns, organ transplants (kidneys, liver, heart) or mechanical thrombectomy in stroke. The modern supra-regional pediatric onco-hematology center ‘Cape of Hope’, which is part of the University Hospital, is one of the leading centers of this profile in Europe. Some of the procedures performed at the UH were reported in the media all over the world, e.g. the experimental cell therapy applied to a patient with total spinal cord abruption. The hospital has so-called clinical centers, which create not only a new structure and strengthened staff of specialists, but above all a new philosophy of patient treatment. The strength of these structures is their interdisciplinary team. Patients, depending on their needs, can count on professional and comprehensive assistance from specialists in many fields. Thanks to the cooperation going beyond the classic framework of departments, clinics or units, UH ensures quick and accurate diagnosis, top quality care and the shortest possible hospital stay. It is at UH that students begin working with patients and are introduced to the practice of medicine. University Hospital’s mission statement is: “We are here to treat, educate and advance medical knowledge“.